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Pregnancy and Birth

Just wanted to say a big thanks for the birth workshop last weekend, we both really enjoyed it and hopefully now have some good techniques to get us through!

When Kim asked if I would go to a partners’ Yoga session, my first thought was that it sounded weird, but that was quickly replaced by the realisation that attending a 2.5 hour yoga session seemed like a small sacrifice to make compared to what Kim had to go through. She also told me about the nice little sleep at the end, and that there would be biscuits…

Everyone was asked at the start what they wanted to get out of the session, this I think is really important and puts you in the frame of mind that you are turning up to get something out of it, and not just to tick a box. What I wanted to get out of it was to understand just how I could be as good a support for Kim as possible. It’s quite easy to accept that the man’s role is to sit on the sidelines getting your hand squeezed and voicing words of encouragement, but I wanted to do as much as possible to help Kim along the way.

The joint breathing exercises were excellent, and I can say two births down the line that I was definitely able to help Kim regulate her breathing and keep her in control throughout her contractions.The massage techniques also proved useful. They were easy to follow and we starting using them straight after the lesson to give Kim some relief from the discomforts of the later stages of pregnancy as well as in the hospital ward.

There’s also some good advice for knowing what you can and can’t do when in the hospital. I think without Claire’s wise words we would have gone with whatever the midwives had told us to do, but instead we were able to make some ellaborations to Kim’s birth plan and take felt more empowered when it came to the positions Kim felt most comfortable in when in labour.

All in all I’d really recommend the couples yoga session. Not only is it a small sacrifice to make, you’ll also come out of it feeling a lot more informed and confident in your abilities to handle the events that lay ahead.
John McGrath

Just to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying the classes and I would definitely like to sign up for 6 more when my first batch is up. I never thought I’d say it but I genuinely find a sense of inner calm from it so thanks so much for making it so easy for me to fit in.
Chloe White

I started to go to Yogabright when I was 8 months pregnant.I couldn’t find a good pregnancy class in the area which was not ridiculously early on a Saturday, and was encouraged by my midwife who told me how good yoga was for preparing your for birth! I really enjoyed the lessons, and I do think in some part it did all help to prepare me for the birth of my daughter, who came much quicker than I ever anticipated! I have continued after this with Baby Yoga classes – I have so enjoyed meeting new mums in the sessions. The classes are always fun, and a lovely way to bond with your baby. The teacher Clare is really friendly and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Katie Hearn

I started attending Claire’s Yogabright classes with the intention of keeping fit and learning some labour coping techniques.

I found the classes informative and relaxed. We were able to ask questions or add input at any time which was helpful.

Attending these classes helped greatly with my focus, fitness and feeling much more in control of my experience thanks to the breathing exercises and learning positions that helped greatly through my labour. It also meant I was able to let the midwives clearly know what I wanted and direct my own experience.

I would recommend the Yogabright classes to anyone who is looking to gain confidence and helpful birthing techniques within a friendly and informative environment.
Carey Lyseight

A born…..6 hours compared to 26 last time.  Only just made it to Oasis in time – 20 mins coffee pot breathing and out she popped!  Barely a scratch on me! Midwife impressed and P astounded at the difference to M birth.  Just did breathing all the way 🙂 so grateful to yoga (and you) x

This is a brilliant class taught by an excellent instructor. I highly recommend it.

I attended Claire’s classes at the end of my second pregnancy. I found the classes to be really beneficial to coping with all the aches and pains in pregnancy and I loved being able to have time each week for myself and time to bond with my baby. 

I was particularly impressed with the way Claire tailors each session to meet the needs of the individuals in the group. I have has SPD in this pregnancy and have found that she has gone out of her way to research alternative exercises that are not just “fillers” but help me to manage the condition within my pregnancy. She also is excellent at explaining the benefits of the different postures, movements, and breathing techniques, for the purposes of coping with labour. I come away from each session feeling less achy, stronger and totally relaxed.

Thanks Claire, you’re a gem!

I attended Claire’s classes during my second pregnancy. It was fantastic preparation for labour and birth teaching me all I needed to know about breathing and the best positions for labour, all of which I used when the time came. It was also a lovely sociable class offering support, advice, laughter and relaxation which is a much needed tonic when you have a toddler at home and are the size of a house!

Postnatal and Baby

I have absolutely loved your sessions, both before and with Eric, more so than I initially thought I would! The breathing techniques that I learnt in your sessions definitely helped me in labour with Eric and I would strongly recommend any mum to be or new mum to join your sessions. Thank you so much for everything.

Claire is a very sensitive and nurturing baby yoga teacher who delights in sharing the joy of yoga with mums and babies of all ages. The special bond that is built between mum, baby and yoga teacher in pregnancy yoga, is continued with deep respect by Claire….the babies that know and love her from pregnancy yoga respond to her with recognition, enthusiasm and trust in baby yoga. I hope this encouraging to mums who wish to join baby yoga classes with their babies, and may not have experienced pregnancy yoga with Claire.

Claire is a wonderful example of mothering with good consistent boundaries, and this comes through in her teaching, which is very helpful for mums who are learning to parent from the heart whilst also taking care of their own needs.

I highly recommend her baby and postnatal yoga classes.
Rosanna Kalliabetsos, Founder of InJoy Yoga & Birthlight Tutor

Asana Junkies

After hearing the great feedback about Christina’s online classes, I was really excited to have the opportunity to experience the Junkies sequences. I was worried that it would be too advanced for me but I quickly found that I loved having the opportunity to try such a huge range of poses and to challenge myself to do the seemingly impossible! The fun and relaxed environment meant I felt that I could have a go at everything and it has massively increased my self confidence and practice as a result. More please Claire!
Gabby Collier

Anusara® Yoga

Having been a student with Claire for several years I have truly loved the inner peace I go away with at the end of a class.
Claire always ensures a safe practice and teaches you about correct alignment so you learn more about your own body.
The classes are fun and great for any level – always a sense of joining the community together which I love. If you’re looking for a dedicated, friendly and experienced teacher – I strongly recommend Claire!


Wow thank you for today’s lesson my neck has been rejuvenated! Pain has gone I need you attached to me!
Your moto calm and don’t push has finally hit home…. I’m going to take my yoga to another level! Thank you


I started Claire’s yoga class as a complete beginner recently and I have to admit I was not sure if I would enjoy yoga or not!  However, after just a few weeks I was completely hooked. Claire’s classes have been absolutely fantastic, I feel loads stronger, more flexible and I have quickly gained my confidence with all the poses. What’s great is that Claire’s classes are always different and so we are always learning something new. Claire is brilliant at providing different options so you can work at whatever level you feel able and I always feel I have challenged myself. After Claire’s class I feel a little lighter and ready to take on the world!  I totally recommend Claire, she is a brilliant yoga teacher.

Lee Townsend

I have been going for 6 months and am continuing this year – Claire is an excellent teacher with well-prepared and structured classes catering for all levels. There are guest teachers on occasion providing variety. You can expect individual attention and can progress at your own pace – classes are always challenging and fun, and personally I always feel great afterwards! Thoroughly recommend … give it a try!

Alexis Harakis


Wow, Shakti Sistas are wonderful. Their Sweet Treats workshop was lovely – lots of moreish melting and I left feeling deliciously relaxed. Thank you Claire and Adele. Can’t wait for next time!
Cassie Moran

Feeling my lower back & other bits not previously known to me, in a good way, thanks to the yogic powers of @yogabright and @AdeleCassidy
Cassie Moran

Thanks lovelies, had a fab time, thought was a good steady class – now I’m aching!!!!!! Must have worked hard! It was good to really explore the more well known postures to get to the foundations we so often ignore. Thanks again smiley ladies x
Laura Hart

Just got back from a workshop with Claire Saunders and Adele Cassidy’s Back care on the mat workshop. 

After a number of motorbike and parachuting accidents I had to have a disc removed from my back. I’ve been attending Claire’s yoga classes in Beckenham. Claire has helped get my spine mobile again.

The class taught us some very good pain management tricks and ways to ensure we keep ourselves mobile. I hope they run this workshop again as I feel there is so much more I can learn. 

Claire and Adele made the class fun and ensured that everyone’s abilities were stretched along with some muscles I’ve never heard of let alone worked before! 

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has back problems.
Sean Richings

Great workshop gals! Really enjoyed it. Was lovely to have a whole 3 hrs focusing on being upside down….being ready for anything and refreshing some very clear instructions from both of you re the steps for getting into one upside down position and another and another! Had a good laugh too and just thought it was a very well presented, well planned and generally FAB workshop! Lots of love Rozy x
Rozy Kalliabetsos, Owner Injoy Yoga

It was my first time doing upside down for a long time. I feel great after it. Thanks both of u. It was brilliant. I enjoyed very moment.xxx
Hsin-Yi Huang, Yoga Teacher

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Claire and Adele for an amazing workshop yesterday!  What a great way to spend a few hours with a wonderful group of people.  It’s incredible how quickly handstands start becoming achievable – that’s from someone who said she’d never be able to do one!”
Alexandra Porter

Thank you for organize Heels over Head playshop on 13th October at Karma Studios, before coming to the studios, I was a bit hesitate that you might make us doing the posture in a long period of time, which I was worrying that my neck may not be able to do it, however, it doesn’t seem that bad once we started, panic over ;-).
Although I’m still have a problem with hands stand, nevertheless I was able to do head stand in the middle of the room with some tips from you, which I’d never dream of and I’m glad that I came.
Miriam Hung


I really enjoyed learning new perspectives on yoga asana and the stories. I loved your friendly, generous approach, thank you so much for coming.
Emma Spencer-Goodier, Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed the stories, adjustments, group and partner exercises. I felt enabled to do poses I don’t usually do!
Kathy Domaille

I really enjoyed the different style of practice and time away from my normal schedule.
Jess Hart-Garbett

I loved feeling the different Goddess energies – with simple yet beautifully planned teachings. Great adjustments and language to help me improve my alignment. Such a friendly and comfortable atmosphere all weekend – Thank you
Frances Hearnden

I really benefitted from the personal attention. Excellent teaching – inspirational. Enjoyed yoga asana, and my usual tears! Of joy and gratitude of course! Now feel 6 inches taller.

Another class on Sunday pm! And Monday… And Tuesday.
Della Lubeck

Zoom Classes

I have been attending Claire’s yoga class in the mansion for nearly 2 years and I absolutely love it. Sadly due to the current situation we cannot continue with the physical classes and have instead taken to zoom. At first I was a bit apprehensive about this as I love being in the mansion and seeing everyone in my class. However, Claire is so energetic, warm and welcoming that it almost feels like we are all a really together as a group. The seasons are well planned and Claire still manages to guide and advise us as she would in the mansion. I work very long hours and to come home and be able to still practice yoga is amazing. Thank you Claire for continuing to support and nourish us so much.
Vicky Saunders

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  1. Claire, thank you so much for the wonderful yoga you have been teaching me on Thursday mornings since Easter 2014. Not only has the relaxation and terrific group of like minded people made a real difference to my week, the calm in my mind has had such a profound effect on me that, after 6 years at home with the kids, I have had the confidence to go and get a job! I truly believe I could not have done it without your amazing yoga and caring support…..YES! Thank you. Deb xxx

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