Yoga Workshops

My yoga workshops are a great way to spend more time and focus on a specific area.  One of my passions is to offer a therapeutic focus on alignment to keep you injury free.  From restorative sweet treats to fun for the whole family, here are my current offerings.  If there’s something that isn’t on offer just yet, please feel free to email and ask.


Just email your interest in the next one!

Teen Yoga – late September at Studio Kooks – Beckenham Place Park.

Family Yoga Playground – early October at Studio Kooks – Beckenham Place Park. 

Rasa Yoga Workshop – early November at Studio Kooks – Beckenham Place Park. 




Yoga Playground:  Fun for the Whole Family

Join us to:

  • Enhance communications and bonding
  • Fun for you with the family
  • Find calm and focus
  • Play together and be lighthearted!


2-3pm at  Studio Kooks, The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park 

 CLICK HERE to book  – the cost is £12 for an adult, £6 for a child, and £4  for subsequent family members.  

Studio Kooks at Beckenham Place .  Click here for a map – it’s right between Beckenham Hill and Beckenham Junction stations.  You can get to Beckenham Junction easily from Victoria or Brixton, and to Beckenham Hill from Blackfriars.

Mythic Yoga Flow

I just love using the myths and magic in yoga to teach – the stories are rich with symbolism and speak to us in many different ways.   Mythic yoga flow is a transformative yoga practice that weaves together asana, mantra, mudra, meditation and pranayama practices with myth, magic, legend and lore. In this workshop, storytelling will mingle with movement to bring an extra special juiciness to your practice.

Expect a fusion of form and flow, mudra practices, stories, fun, and a sprinkling of magic.

Saturday 13th July from 2-4pm at Studio Kooks in Beckenham Place Park.  £30  Book here today.

With the hint of a smile 

Do you find your mind is scattered, and you have a tendency to procrastinate?  I know I do, and I have so many reasons not to take action – my children and family responsibilties, my work, the house needs cleaning….In the days when I took exams, my housemates were always happy during revision time as the house was spick and span, as I cleaned instead of supporting my life plans with revision.  It’s so easy to fall into these habits, but what if you want to shake that off and take action?  It’s not always easy to know which direction to take.   It takes time and willingness to stop and listen to the insistent whispering of your heart.  Are you ready to listen?

In this Mythic Yoga Flow workshop, you will enter into the song of your soul, and unlock the secret of your dharma, or pathway in life.  Using myth, movement, mantra and mudra, find your inner power and step into action with intention, and release it all to find peace.   All, like Krishna, with a hint of a smile. 

More on the mat!  Take that first step toward action and join me on July 13th, 2-4pm at Studio Kooks, Beckenham Place Park Library.


Medicine on the mat: Yoga for lower back care

We all get aches and pains from time to time which can often be cleared through simple techniques. This workshop is designed to help you load up your doctor’s bag with techniques for back and neck health.

My invitation to you is find out more about managing those niggling back pains we all get through the amazing science of yoga. I’ll be showing you some biomechanical tricks of the trade you can pack in your medicine kit for the next time you reach a little too high! So many people suffer with back and neck pain without realising that yoga can often clear these issues. Come to this special workshop and learn some great techniques you can take home and work with.

This workshop is a great fusion of old school Anusara alignment techniques combined with Functional Anatomy techniques to relieve your lower back.

Birth Workshop for Couples

YogaBright Couples Birth Workshops are a fantastic way to prepare for birth with your partner. They work brilliantly alongside more traditional antenatal classes such as the NCT or NHS. It’s a one off workshop and is focused on the practical aspect of birthing rather than the theory. We look at ways for both parents to relax – a tense birthing partner can mean that the birthing woman is tense too. We identify ways for your partner to provide you with effective support during the birth, and, going over each stage of labour, we explore movements, breath, and birth positions that feel good for you. It’s great for first time parents, or if you want to refresh your knowledge or improve your birth experience from last time.

There are opportunities to ask questions and a break for tea and biscuits.

Medicine on the mat: Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders

Do you suffer from Tech Neck? Working at computers, and using smartphones can tighten the muscles around the shoulder and neck, leading to aches and pains, and even less deep breathing.

New in my Medicine on the Mat series is this much needed offering, designed to help you load up your doctor’s bag with techniques for neck and shoulder health.

This is where you can come to explore tips and techniques for freeing up the shoulders and neck, to help you breathe more deeply and relieve the effects of working too hard at your computer.

click here to find out more and to register interest.

Sweet Treats

I’d love to welcome you to my delicious Sweet Treats workshop this Autumn. I will set you up to enjoy a deeply luxurious practice ready for the christmas season ahead!

I’ll guide you through a series of poses which move your body gently towards a deep, decadent restorative relaxation.  I will intersperse the practice with a sprinkling of heavenly meditation and breathing practices before finishing with a deliciously long and sweet rest for the body and soul.

You’ll leave fully restored and replenished.

Suitable for anyone, including complete beginners

Level: Suitable for anyone, including those entirely new to yoga

Take Your Practice Home

You are invited to a special workshop designed around how to take your practice home.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner seeking inspiration for your practice, or new to yoga with a desire to learn how to put your own stamp on your practice, this workshop is for you.  We will explore the obstacles to practice and ways to integrate yoga more into your lifestyle in a way that works for you – as well as the nuts and bolts of how to construct a practice.


Medicine on the mat: Yoga for your Knees

Do your knees creak?

Our knees get a lot of punishment from walking, running, and poor alignment.

New in my Medicine on the Mat series is this much needed offering, designed to help you load up your doctor’s bag with techniques for knee health.

This is where you can come to explore tips and techniques for strengthening the knees, to experience greater freedom.


Lotus Rising with Susanna Harwood-Rubin

I am delighted to offer this wonderful  yoga workshop with Susanna Harwood Rubin, one of my big inspirations and teacher.   People often ask me where I learn about mudra and myth, and the answer is at the feet of my teachers, especially Susanna.

We are body and spirit. We are earth and stars. In the yoga tradition, the lotus is a metaphor for our embodied lives, rooted in the mud beneath the water, and blossoming in the light. There are lotus mudras, mantras, and asanas. Additionally, the chakras, the energy centers of the body, are envisioned as lotus flowers, each with its own particular energetic power. Join Susanna for an afternoon of movement, myth, mudra practice, and chanting to tap into these energies, awakening the organic power within.

Susanna Harwood Rubin is the author of Yoga 365:Daily Wisdom for Life On and Off the Mat. She is a yoga teacher, writer, and artist whose work is rooted in South Indian Philosophy. Based in NYC, Susanna teaches throughout Europe and in India. Her spiritual home is the great Nataraja and Tillai Kali Temples of Chidambaram.  She is the creator of Writing Your Practice and  Devi Soul Yoga. She has been featured on HuffPostLive, MSNBC Today, Yoga Journal, Mantra Wellness, and on numerous podcasts.