Postnatal and baby


After pregnancy and birth, postnatal and baby yoga classes can help to bring  your body back into alignment and to develop some tone and strength. Pregnant bodies go through a lot and recovery takes time, so we sensitively work with the breath and the pelvis to gain awareness before we go further.

Looking after a baby can be exhausting as well as exhilarating.  These baby classes help you to bond deeply with you baby, with songs and exercises to do with your baby.  Every week is different as we tune into the energy of the babies and integrate them more if they are unsettled, or if they are happy to hang out, there’s more work for you!  I interweave songs and massage along with functional anatomy to heal and tone your body.   As a mum of two girls I approach these classes with humour and calm – which tends to help baby to chill out and sleep which is a blessing for all!  It never ceases to amaze newcomers that the babies even let mums have a 10 minute relaxation at the end of class!

New Classes coming…..  enter Springtime with Postnatal and Baby Yoga from 16 April at Studio Kooks.  Book here