Workshops & Retreats

workshops and retreatsWorkshops – click for full schedule
My schedule of workshops are a blend of focused practices aimed at helping you alleviate pain and injury, moving deeper into your practice or simply help you to take some time out and relax. Workshops can help to catapult your practice to the next level, or discover how to help your body heal. Your body is allowed time to warm up and we take time to break things down in more detail than would be possible in a general class. There’s plenty of time to play around with different things and ask questions as you go along. You even get a longer relaxation!

Retreats – click for full schedule
Retreats are all about you. It’s about getting away from the daily to do lists and taking time out for a few days in a beautiful setting. When life is busy and demanding, you can feel disconnected. A retreat is designed to help you plug right back in. I organise my retreats around this premise.

You’ll enjoy staying in beautiful venues in beautiful locations. By disconnecting from your day-to-day life, you will be free to focus on what’s important – you, and you will find the freedom to connect back in to who you are. You’ll be free to book a luxurious treatment or spend time in nature, taking walks or just being outside.

During a retreat you’ll be able to participate in a range of yoga practices, including: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation which all fit and flow together through the retreat journey. You’ll be able to develop in a few days in a way which is not usually possible in every day life – and the best thing is that you’ll be in the sweet company of like minded people, supporting you every step of the way.   When you return home, you will feel regenerated and fully able to connect back in more deeply with what matters to you – with a smile on your face.

I have a full schedule of events throughout the year that I build around what I see is most needed in our community.  The schedule is here, and booking information is also available. Please contact me for more information about any of my events.